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Verdict for the Victim of Continuous Sexual Assault as a Minor

$8,250,000 verdict. The acts occurred over twenty years before, were never prosecuted by CPS or the police, and the victim’s mother remained married to the perpetrator. Currently on appeal, and no money has been recovered yet.

Settlement for Client Side-Swiped by Eighteen Wheeler

$2,500,000 settlement with $786,292.80 in past medical expenses. The client went through multiple back surgeries and will have ongoing problems for the rest of her life.

Settlement Arising Out of a Shooting at an Apartment Complex with Faulty Security Devices

$750,000 settlement. The apartment complex had multiple faulty security devices, including broken fences, gates, and cameras. The victim died, the murderer was never caught, and his family sued the apartment complex. There had been a previous aggravated robbery at the same apartment complex six months before that went unsolved because the cameras were not working then either.

Jury Verdict for Revenge Porn

$450,000 awarded, reduced to $389,000 by operation of Texas caps on punitive damages. When the client refused to marry a man she was dating, he hacked her phone, stole sexually explicit photos and videos of her, and sent them to her mother. Full article available here:

Settlement of Slip and Fall at Fast Food Restaurant

$450,000 settlement for an elderly woman who fell on an ADA-noncompliant walkway into a fast food restaurant. She fell and broke her hip, shoulder, and wrist. She incurred approximately $50,000 in past medical expenses.

Settlement of a Rear-Ender Car Wreck

$450,000 settlement with approximately $45,000 in past medical expenses. The plaintiff was rear-ended by a pick-up truck while stopped in traffic and was later diagnosed with multiple disc herniations.

Settlement for Client Rear-Ended by RV

$357,500.00 settlement with $12,676.21 in past medical expenses. The client was rear-ended by an RV and according to her doctors suffered a serious back injury which will require surgical treatment in the future.

Settlement of Medical Malpractice Case Against a Neurologist

$350,000 settlement. The neurologist was performing neuromonitoring during a brain surgery. The neurologist failed to warn the surgeon that the neuromonitoring was in alarm, resulting in permanent nerve injury. Despite repeated warnings, the plaintiff had refused to undergo the procedure for years, which made her much more vulnerable to a bad outcome.

Jury Verdict in Slip and Fall Case

$269,374.25 recovery (including interest) for customer at a Long John Silver’s who fell in a bathroom that had a longstanding water leak out of the urinal. He hit his knee and required multiple arthroscopic surgeries.

Settlement of Motorcycle Accident

$250,000 settlement in a case against a pickup truck driver carrying a loose mattress in the back of his truck on the tollway. The client hit the mattress and suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones, but did eventually recover. Full $250,000 policy limit obtained.

Settlement by a Wife Recovering Money Given Away by Her Husband Before His Death

Approximately $250,000 worth of investments in retirement accounts were given away by the husband to his family on his death bed. The full amount was recovered, as it was an unauthorized transfer and a fraud on the marital estate.

Settlement for a Car Wreck Case

$210,000 settlement based on the victim suffering multiple unusual injuries, including ulnar nerve entrapment and thoracic outlet syndrome, resulting in multiple surgeries. Most but not all of the complaints began before the accident.

Settlement in Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death of a Patient

$200,000 settlement (slightly below the $250,000 cap on non-economic damages). The death and its cause were not detected until well after the statute of limitations had run. The hospital denied liability, claiming that its employee was acting outside the course and scope of employment.

Settlement for a Slip and Fall at a Business

$200,000 settlement because the walkway was uneven. The plaintiff suffered an absolutely horrifying foot injury. Her broken bones came through her skin, and when dirt entered the wound, it became severely infected, resulting in months of hospitalization, years of immobility, and a long string of surgeries that ultimately did end up saving the foot from amputation.

Jury Verdict Against a Landlord Arising out of a Shooting by a Neighbor at the Plaintiffs

Combined $180,640 verdict for three plaintiffs. The neighbor had a long history of violent, erratic behavior, and the landlord refused to evict him or let the plaintiff out of her lease, forcing them to live next to each other. One plaintiff was physically injured but survived with no major long-lasting injury. Reversed by the court of appeals, with an appeal pending in the Texas Supreme Court.

Settlement in Dram Shop Case

$165,000 settlement in a dram shop case . The bar significantly overserved the client’s father, who then crashed on the way home with the client in the passenger seat. The client suffered a SLAP tear.

Jury Verdict for Medical Malpractice

$144,841.71 jury verdict with $24,841.71 in past medical expenses on a case involving the loss of a surgical specimen during surgery. The specimen (a tumor) was never found and the hospital could not explain where it went. The case settled on appeal for $145,000.

Settlement of Medical Malpractice Case for Patient with Misdiagnosed Injury

$125,000 settlement. The failure to diagnosis resulted in the plaintiff walking on the foot injury for a longer time than he should have, causing worsening foot pain and possibly an additional surgery. Specialists testified that walking on the injury did not cause the additional problems.

Settlement of a Car Wreck Causing Death

$100,000 settlement (the driver’s full policy limit) for the death of a homeless pedestrian. The insurance company initially denied fault as the police report put the fault for the accident on the pedestrian for not crossing at a crosswalk.

Settlement for Publication of Expunged Criminal Records

Confidential settlement. The trial court initially dismissed the case, but the case won on appeal, so the Defendant appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. After requesting briefing on the merits, review was denied and the case was reinstated. By law, the defendant was liable for $500 per day for the seven months the expunged records were published. Appeal available here: https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=16332896359986302437

Settlement for a Vicious Dog Attack

$75,000 settlement. The victim was bloodied up and hospitalized but with no long-lasting injury. The defendants’ dog was loose in their car, and when they physically attacked the homeless plaintiff, the dog joined in.

Verdict Recovering $49,995 in Stolen Money by Victim’s Daughter

Affirmed on appeal. The money was stolen by the victim’s daughter. Because he did not have his own bank account, when he won a personal injury settlement he put the money into her bank account. After he stopped dating his daughter’s mother, the daughter withdrew his money, converted it into cashier’s checks, and tried to make off with it but was stopped by an emergency court order. Appeal available here: https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=16862638368766153818&q

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