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Efficient Problem-Solver and Aggressive Litigator for Texas Business Injuries

When a business is threatened with litigation, there’s a lot at stake. An owner’s livelihood and everything they worked hard to build is on the line. Situations involving business disputes can quickly intensify, and it’s critical to be proactive to prevent further harm and deter additional wrongdoing.

Business disputes require an attorney with a steady hand and the acumen to achieve a favorable outcome in highly involved matters. The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton knows what it takes to prevail and is adept at litigating the most complicated commercial cases. Jonathan offers legal representation in Texas federal and state courts for clients facing high-stakes legal issues in various commercial sectors including construction, real estate, manufacturing, and the oil industry.

Fraud & Theft Business Injuries

Unfortunately, business owners sometimes trust employees, business partners, or contractors and suppliers who deceive them or steal clients, materials, or profits. Business theft and fraud can occur in many forms and have serious consequences. Whether a fraud scheme involves misusing business assets, stealing money, misrepresentation, theft of trade secrets, or any other deceptive practices, it can result in major financial loss for a company.

Jonathan helps business owners who have been injured as a result of:

  • Fraud
  • Conversion of property
  • False accounting
  • Embezzlement
  • Revenue and payroll theft
  • Invoice inflation and overcharging
  • Trade secret theft
  • Business identity theft

Business fraud and theft can be committed over a lengthy amount of time to avoid detection. These matters require a complete forensic financial investigation. In addition to being a skilled litigator, Jonathan has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to conduct a rigorous financial investigation to ensure that his clients recover the compensation they deserve.

Breach of Contract

Contract breaches can occur in every type of business. If a party to a business agreement does not fulfill their promises or act under the terms of the contract, taking legal action may be the only option to recover damages. While arbitration and mediation may resolve some breaches of contract cases, others must be litigated in court for the best results. Jonathan assesses each breach of contract case and pays close attention to every detail of the agreement and business relationship to determine the most effective and efficient resolution.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Often, those who are involved in business with each other owe a fiduciary duty to the other party. Essentially, a fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act with loyalty and integrity. They can exist in many types of business relationships including partnerships, as well as with financial advisors, shareholders, and corporate directors.

If a party was incompetent, disloyal, dishonest, or acted in bad faith toward another party to whom they owed a fiduciary duty, they may be in breach. Jonathan provides trusted representation for those who have suffered financial losses or have been taken advantage of as a result of another’s dishonesty and breach of fiduciary duty in their business dealings.

Commercial Collections Matters

For a business to succeed, payment must be received for the services and goods they provide. Many businesses work with others in their course of dealings such as manufacturers, contractors, merchandisers, suppliers, etc. It sometimes happens that a company refuses to pay on their account, resulting in thousands or even millions owed to another business.

If a party to a business transaction owes another for an invoice for work or services, it may be necessary to pursue the matter in court. While sometimes these issues can be resolved through rigorous negotiations, more complicated cases may require litigation. Jonathan provides efficient legal representation and takes the most strategic course of action in cases related to consumer and business collections matters. He is dedicated to ensuring that business owners who have been financially injured by another recover the compensation they are owed for the services they provided.

Business Disputes Involving Defamation

Financial injuries arising from fraud, theft, breach of contract, or refusal to satisfy an account aren’t the only ways a business or owner can be wronged. Sometimes, other businesses try to harm their competition by purposely saying or printing false, disparaging, and malicious statements about the business or its owner. Defamation such as libel (written and published defamation) and slander (verbal defamation) can result in major financial loss and reputation damage.

Texas law recognizes the impact that another’s defamatory acts can have on a business. A business may be able to recover financial compensation for damages in a legal action. Defamation suits are often challenging and require experienced legal counsel. Jonathan provides competent counsel for complex business disparagement and defamation cases to help businesses enforce their rights and recover the damages they are lawfully entitled.

Fort Worth Business Disputes Attorney Protecting Your Livelihood

Jonathan understands the toll business disputes can take on an owner and the effects it can have on their livelihood — this is why he works relentlessly to protect his clients’ economic interests and their bottom lines. He regularly helps business owners who have suffered financial injuries achieve positive outcomes in the most challenging cases that can arise. Through all stages of the dispute and litigation process, Jonathan is committed to providing individualized attention and strategic guidance so that owners can be rest assured and focus on their businesses.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton provides dependable legal representation for fraud and theft victims throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. Call (903) 931-3616 for a consultation.