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In the construction and real estate industries, disputes can arise for many reasons. With complex transactions involved and substantial assets at stake, a business or property owner can’t afford to disregard a conflict or think it will resolve on its own. Regardless of what caused the dispute, it’s crucial to reach an effective and efficient resolution to protect the business or property, minimize risk exposure, and prevent further harm to a business’s profit margin and bottom line.

The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton focuses on maximizing results. Jonathan takes an integrative approach to resolving construction and real estate disputes while giving each client individualized attention. Not only is Jonathan a well-respected litigator — but he is also an aggressive negotiator and a thorough investigator. Applying his multifaceted skillset and proficiency, he assesses each case individually to develop a tailored and strategic plan for a broad scope of commercial matters. With a notable record of success, Jonathan works diligently towards a positive resolution in every case while helping clients protect their financial and business interests.

Representation for Complex Construction Disputes

Construction projects involve complicated components and many different parties. There are often multiple stages in a construction project and each has many moving parts. Whether a project centers around infrastructure, a municipal or commercial building, or an expansive residential apartment complex, disputes related to construction are often time-consuming and contentious.

When a construction dispute puts a business’s profitability on the line, it’s often necessary to take legal action to prevent further detriment. Construction law is a highly specific niche that requires both legal and industry knowledge. Jonathan has an inclusive understanding of the construction industry and knows how to secure effective legal remedies to ensure the best possible outcome.

Jonathan provides legal services for a full range of construction industry matters. He represents clients for various issues including:

  • Negligence
  • Contractor theft and fraud
  • Invoice inflation and overcharges
  • Civil recovery for financial crimes
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Licensing fraud
  • Failure to repair
  • Property damage and building collapses
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Construction or premises defects

Jonathan represents owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, property owners, and other parties facing construction-related litigation in both the Texas state and federal courts. From the planning stages to project completion, Jonathan focuses his practice on handling the most complicated and nuanced construction disputes that can occur within the industry.

Trusted Commercial Real Estate Disputes Attorney

Commercial real estate is a major investment and can generate considerable income. When disputes arise, matters can quickly escalate. Often, a resolution for real estate dispute matters can only be achieved by pursuing legal remedies. While these disputes may sometimes be arbitrated or negotiated, when high stakes are on the table, litigation may be the only option to effectuate the best outcome.

Every commercial real estate dispute is distinct and can be based on a variety of events and circumstances. Each matter can involve a specific set of facts and laws and regulatory issues. Jonathan helps clients facing highly involved commercial real estate matters across a wide spectrum including:

  • Construction-related matters
  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation and bad faith
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business torts and related disputes
  • Developer disputes
  • Financial disputes and monetary damages

Jonathan represents those facing commercial real estate disputes across a variety of industries and sectors in the Texas state and federal courts. He provides valued legal counsel to developers, property owners, purchasers, sellers, and others who have been wronged in commercial real estate matters. He evaluates each case individually and handles them through trial and on appeal. Combining his solid knowledge and extensive experience, he is devoted to driving results for those at risk of losing significant assets in real estate disputes due to the damaging acts of another.

Construction & Real Estate Disputes Attorney Serving the Fort Worth & Dallas Area

Construction and real estate disputes can interrupt a project, bring it to a standstill, and have a tremendous financial impact on an individual or their business. The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton works closely with clients to help them meet their goals with minimal adverse consequences to their companies. A resourceful and capable attorney and litigator, Jonathan provides communicative and honest counsel and gives clients peace of mind that the law is on their side.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton provides trustworthy and straightforward legal representation for construction and real estate disputes throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. Call (903) 931-3616 for a consultation.