Fort Worth Attorney for Fraud & Theft Victims

Helping Victims Recover Major Financial Losses

Fraud or theft can have a devastating impact on an individual, their family, or their business. Victims who have suffered financial wrongdoing at the hands of another can experience crushing personal debt or even risk losing their businesses.

While fraud and theft are often thought to be criminal matters, they must often be handled as civil cases. In many cases, law enforcement will not get involved to assist in recovering assets that were lost as a result of another's deceit or act of misrepresentation. However, victims of major financial losses in Texas have legal remedies they can pursue as a matter of civil law. Through investigation and litigation, The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton helps people who have been victims of civil fraud or theft recover what is rightfully theirs.

Financial Injuries Resulting from Business Fraud & Theft

Fraud and theft can occur during the course of business activities, resulting in substantial financial loss. Deception and misrepresentation in financial transactions or dealings can hurt both small businesses and large corporations. This wrongdoing can have a lasting effect on a business and its bottom line.

Jonathan understands the pressures faced by business owners or others who are the victims of business financial fraud. He is committed to providing high-quality representation to business owners and others deceived in commercial-related disputes. He pursues a vigorous investigation to ensure effective remedies for clients who have experienced significant financial injuries resulting from business fraud and theft.

Jonathan assists clients in a variety of commercial-related fraud and theft matters including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Breach of contract
  • Payroll theft
  • Invoice inflation and overcharging
  • Stealing business profits
  • Real estate and contractor disputes
  • Fraud involving professional licenses

Jonathan’s comprehensive knowledge, litigation experience, and investigative abilities allow his clients to be confident that they have an attorney who can achieve the best possible results in their cases. He takes the time to evaluate each case carefully to develop a successful strategy to recover damages and help his clients restore their livelihoods.

Financial Fraud & Misconduct in Trusts and Estates Matters

Unfortunately, sometimes those who have been entrusted with handling the finances of a loved one don't always act in their best interests. If a caregiver, administrator, or estate executor does not act in accordance with their fiduciary responsibilities, it's important that they are held accountable. Acts of fraud or theft might be committed by a family member or another person who was assigned to take care of a vulnerable person's financial affairs. They may have imposed undue influence, hidden assets, or stolen funds directly.

The consequences of financial misconduct in trusts and estates matters can have far-reaching ramifications. Jonathan helps those who have been victimized by financial abuse or misconduct, and their families, recover the assets to which they are lawfully entitled.

There are many ways an elderly or incapacitated person, or their family, can be taken advantage of financially. Jonathan is well-versed in handling fraud and theft in trusts and estates-related matters including:

  • Probate fraud
  • Guardian fraud
  • Elder financial abuse issues
  • Fraudulently distributing trust or probate assets
  • Failure to provide an accounting
  • Bank account theft
  • Undue influence or duress in signing financial documents
  • Inheritance fraud
  • Forged or dishonored checks

Jonathan strives to secure favorable results for those who have suffered financial exploitation in family-related situations and trusts and estates matters. Using discretion and sophisticated investigatory skills, he knows how to successfully build and litigate a case to ensure that the wrongdoer is held responsible for their dishonest acts.

Matrimonial & Family Law Financial Investigations and Litigation

Both parties in a matrimonial action must fully disclose their financial situation. However, it sometimes happens that a party to a divorce action engages in financial misconduct to prevent their spouse from getting their fair share of the marital property. One spouse may dissipate, hide, or lie about assets. They may also transfer property to prevent it from being subjected to division or misrepresent their pension, 401K, and other financial assets. The wrongdoing may be committed during the marriage or after the divorce proceedings are commenced.

If a party is hiding assets in a divorce, they may be uncovered through a meticulous forensic financial investigation. Jonathan has well-honed investigative skills and experience in matrimonial financial investigations involving:

  • Misrepresentation of income
  • Stolen pensions and 401Ks
  • Recovering stolen property
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Recovering child support arrears
  • Property conversion

Whether a spouse transferred property title to hide assets or is using a business entity to conceal their finances, Jonathan is proficient in handling the most complex matrimonial financial investigations and protecting his clients' interests in related litigation.

Fort Worth Fraud & Theft Attorney Helping to Safeguard Your Financial Interests

Jonathan knows how stressful it is to face a financial loss as a result of fraud or theft. He works thoroughly to protect his clients' financial interests and makes sure no stone goes unturned during the investigative process. Providing detailed investigations for asset recovery and personal attention to every case, Jonathan helps victims of civil fraud and theft reclaim what they’re lawfully entitled.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton provides dependable and trusted legal representation for fraud and theft victims throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. Call (903) 931-3616 for a consultation.