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Tough Problems. A Fearless Advocate.

The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton was founded to help people when they’re hurting the most. A formidable trial attorney and fierce advocate, Jonathan doesn’t handle just any cases. His focus is on taking the toughest cases to trial.

Dealing with insurance companies and navigating the legal system is complicated — that’s why it’s critical to have trusted, skilled, and diligent counsel who can help. Board Certified by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury law and a former insurance defense attorney, Jonathan knows what to do when a case gets stuck in negotiation. Combining compassion for clients with a rational approach, he regularly secures settlements and awards that far exceed the amount offered by the insurance company.

The Law Office of Jonathan Wharton’s approach is different from other firms. With a sharp focus on achieving the best possible results, Jonathan is unafraid to take the most complicated cases to trial to fight for fair compensation. Trial-tested time and again, he has a high rate of success at trial and on appeal. Due to his reputation and experience, Jonathan is regularly retained as trial counsel by other personal injury firms to secure favorable outcomes in their most problematic cases.

Jonathan understands that life is difficult enough after an accident or while facing a legal dispute. And he believes that there is a superior way to serve people who are going through their toughest times. By providing personal attention to every case, Jonathan has a well-deserved reputation for providing competent counsel, sophisticated legal services, and peace of mind. He ensures that clients who trust him with their problems have a fearless advocate on their side who will secure the best possible results.